• Can you put a barcode on my product?

    Yes - We can supply a retail-ready barcode for your Artwork. The standard way to obtain a barcode is to register with the Uniform Code Council, referred to as the UCC ( The minimum membership level that the UCC offers is $750.00, plus a $150.00 per year renewal fee. Most outlets require a barcode on the packaging to be sold by them. We can supply a barcode for your artwork for a flat $50.00 one-time fee.

  • Do you price match?

    Yes - We offer a price guarantee. If you find what appears to be a better price let us know and we will compete. Simply fax or email a copy of the competing quote document and we will do our best to match or beat the price.

  • What formats do you support?

    Available Formats
    • Digital Betacam
    • D2
    • 1 Inch
    • Betacam SP
    • DVCAM
    • DVD
    • HI-8mm
    • VHS
    • 3/4 Inch
    • Betacam SP PAL
    • 3/4 Inch PAL/SECAM
    • Mini DV



  • What deck capabilities are available at Replicopy?

    Standard definition capabilities include Digital Beta, DVC Pro 25 & 50, D2, Beta/sp, DV Cam, 1

  • Can Replicopy transfer from VHS tape to DVD? And how much is it?

    Yes, we can transfer your old home movies to DVD from various tape formats: VHS, Hi8, 8mm tape, Mini-DV and DV-Cam. The basic price is $34.95 for tapes 1-120 minutes. If multiple tapes are to be combined, assembly fees may apply. If you have 20+ hours to transfer, you are eligible for a discount. Call 1-800-628-1124 for details.

  • Can Replicopy transfer my old home movies on film to DVD? And how much does it cost?

    Yes, we can transfer these formats. Super 8 film, 8mm film & 16mm film are available. Basic rates are $.25 per foot + $34.95 for footage 1-120 minutes. If you have 2000+ total feet you are eligible for a discount. Call 1-800-628-1124 for details.

  • I bought a DVD or VHS tape overseas but the tape won't play in my player, can you transfer the tape or disc to play in the US?

    Yes, we can transfer your PAL or Secam video tapes and DVD's to the US broadcast standard known as NTSC. We can also transfer most tape formats to NTSC format as well. Call 1-800-628-1124 for details.


  • Can Replicopy take my video, old photographs and music to transfer them to a DVD to play all together?

    Yes, we can. We can scan your pictures and digitize your video along with the music of your choice to create a DVD with title screens, and special effects. You can send your materials and give instructions, or schedule time with the editor to sit in while the edit is in process. We can handle both standard and high definition footage. And we have the ability to output your final edit to Blu-Ray or DVD, and most any other tape format. Call 1-800-628-1124 for pricing and more details.

  • Can Replicopy transfer my HD tapes to QT for my editing purposes?

    Yes, we have the ability to work from your video tape of any HD or SD format, to transfer to your hard drive in the QT format of your choice. We can handle Final cut and Avid, MAC and PC. We can also handle Quick Time files for most any other editing software, we just need to know the proper codec for your system.

    Replicopy can also transfer your final edited Quick Time files to output them to any video tape format you may need. Replicopy can provide you with broadcast quality video tape and handle the shipping to the TV network for you as well.


  • I need my DVD to play continuously for display at an event. Can Replicopy do this?

    Yes, we can add an auto loop function to your file to create a new DVD that will play over, and over again. The cost is $50 and can be done very quickly.


  • What is DVD authoring?

    DVD authoring is a mastering process in which a video is broken into segments and mastered in a way that the user can navigate using a menu to choose from scenes or titles to view in any order they wish.

  • I'm in need of a professional authoring service that can take my raw footage video to create scene selections and a selection menu so the user of my DVD can navigate the information on my disc to view certain sections. Can Replicopy do this, how long does it take and how much?

    DVD and Blu-Ray authoring services are one of our specialties. We can usually complete a DVD authoring project in 1-2 days, Blu-Ray authoring typically takes about 3-4 days to complete. Authoring services are charged at an hourly rate. DVD hourly authoring is $175 per hour. Blu-Ray authoring is $250-$350 per hour depending on what you need and what we are sourcing from.


  • What is the difference between duplication and replication?

    CD & DVD duplication is achieved by simply burning the data from your original source onto pre-existing CD or DVD recordable media. This is similar to the way one burns copies in their computer drive. With high quality industrial duplicators and high grade CD & DVD media we can ensure you will have the broadest range of playback possible on CD & DVD players.

    CD / DVD Replication is the manufacturing process that essentially replicates or clones your original master. A Glass Master is created from your original master. From the Glass Master a stamper is made. The stamper or mold is a mirror-image blueprint for the CD / DVD content. Stampers are mounted into a High Tech injection mold machine. In the molding process, a replica of the mold is created in the form of a 4.75 inch (120 mm) plastic disc. The formed disc is then coated with a micro-thin reflective layer of aluminum. The final stage of the CD / DVD replication process involves the application of a protective lacquer that is spun onto the disc and cured by an ultraviolet light.

  • How much can a disc hold?

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