Convert Your Film to DVD

We convert these formats and more:
16 MM
8 MM
Super 8

Professional preservation technology now made affordable for your home movies.
In the past, viewing a reel to reel film required a noisy projector and screen. It’s time to upgrade. We use a frame-by-frame capture method, which is advanced enough to remove all flicker. This ensures smooth playback.

Converting old films to DVDs is one of the most important functions we perform. This requires careful attention and precision. Each transfer is supervised by a trained technician who controls and monitors the whole process.

Film stock deteriorates over time, especially when they aren’t perfectly preserved. No matter the age, it will eventually break down under normal storage conditions. On the other hand, DVDs can be preserved for many decades. It’s unlikely that you still have a projector, or that a video store even sells them – DVDs are the popular way to watch movies now. If you have old film that you can’t access, it’s time to make the switch to DVD.

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