Watching home movies, and film projects created on film stock is a great experience; film offers a very soft, classic image which people enjoy for different reasons. However, film stock, unless properly maintained, deteriorates and gets dirty over time. Eventually, these reels of the film can become unwatchable. This is where converting your favorite home movies and creative projects you have created through the years is beneficial.

Why Film to DVD Transfers are Beneficial

Film to DVD transfers helps preserve the memories and the stories captured on the reels of film. When a film reel transfers to DVD you won’t have to worry about the image deteriorating over time with each viewing. Each time you watch your newly converted DVD you can rest assured knowing it will look just as great as the first time you watched it.

It also has the added benefit of being easily watched almost anywhere. As long as there is a DVD player available you are able to watch your videos. With film, you need a projector which is not available everywhere you go.

The biggest reason to convert reels of film to DVD is to guarantee that they last forever; by converting the film to DVD you are preserving the memories which otherwise may disappear with time. Having a copy of your film on DVD is also a good backup of the footage you have.

We convert 16 MM, 8 MM, and Super 8 film stocks to DVD. These are the most popular formats for home videos, and student films, and a whole range of different projects. These transfers will help keep these projects alive and well, and in great condition.

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