There are over 60 different videotape formats; all of them are obsolete. The videotape playback equipment is no longer made, and existing equipment is failing. It’s time to convert your videotape archives to digital video files. It also makes them more accessible and easier to publish online.

Professional Video Transfer

Video Transfer by a Professional

Replicopy provides all your video transfer needs. We can accept most videotape formats. Our video engineers have over 20 years of experience and use broadcast quality studio equipment. We can convert your videotapes to video files on a hard drive in any codec you require.  We have an excellent reputation for video archiving.

Other video services provided:

  • Videotape repair
  • Tape baking for sticky videotape
  • Mold removal
  • PAL to NTSC conversion
  • SECAM to NTSC conversion
  • Image enhancement and stabilization
  • Color correction
  • Transfer to Hard Drive, or USB Thumb Drive
  • Upload to Dropbox or FTP

We understand the importance of preserving your favorite tapes. Our technicians and equipment are fast, safe, and top of the line – you can trust us with your memories. The DVDs you receive from us will be customized with a printed title, and are made to last a long time. You can play them in your projector, computer, or DVD player.

Contact Replicopy today to learn more about our video transfer services.

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