video-editingHD Editing on Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premier

Replicopy offers two great ways to edit your video with our HD AVID and HD Final Cut Pro editing systems. You can use our professionally trained editors or rent the suite out and edit it yourself. Our AVID and Final Cut Pro systems are both Standard and High Definition capable and we have every source deck you can think of for digitizing your media.


Blu-Ray and DVD Authoring

We are able to make the highest end product on the market with our Blu-Ray and DVD authoring systems. From graphic design to encoding, we can help you every step of the way. Using Sonic Solution’s Cinevision encoder and authoring using Scenarist BD, we will convert your video to the best image quality available leaving you with a disc you will be proud to show.

cd-dvd-masteringCD, DVD and Blu-ray Duplication and Replication

It is important to maintain high quality standards when dubbing, transferring and up and down converting to and from HD. This is why we have and maintain the best possible equipment available. All of our dubs are made digitally or by component cables when digital is not an option. We have an abundant amount of source decks ranging from ¾” to HD CAM SR. Whatever format or media you need we have a solution.

captioningCaptioning Services

Most broadcasters and government entities require closed captioning on any media they use. That is why Replicopy offers full captioning services from transcribing to encoding.


transfersFile conversions to any format

Our video to DVD transfer service has saved many hours of footage from the trash and given it back to the families that recorded it.The VHS format is out of style and out of date. Even in perfectly good condition, they only last about 20 years! Not to mention the fact that they are poor illustrations of your memories – tapes can get chewed up and the film can be ripped out by the VCR! Click here to learn more about our Video Conversion Services

We have most obsolete and current tape formats available. Click here to see FAQ’s for our video services.

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