The merger of American Airlines with US Airways, and America West created a video storage issue and a need to preserve old tapes. One of the most important aspects of the American Airlines merger is the preservation of knowledge and the ability to share it going forward. Replicopy was not only able to meet this challenge, but also help free up valuable office space in the process.

American Airlines Selects Replicopy for Tape Conversion

Replicopy has been selected by American Airlines to bring their massive tape collection into the modern age of digital media. All three airlines have accumulated tens of thousands of recordings over the years. The tapes cover a variety of topics, including quarterly employee updates, training videos, and company speeches. The resulting collection is currently housed in a 10,000 sq ft. room or “vault” that is being used as a dedicated film library.

Replicopy is converting more than 60,000 of these tapes into Apple ProRes .mov files. The current tapes comprise of many different formats, including 1″ Betacam, DV and DVCPRO, Hi8, and VHS. The conversion to .mov files will free up the film vault and make the space available for other uses. But more importantly, it will preserve the films in a digital archive that is consistent, reliable, and accessible. The .mov format, in particular, offers an attractive combination of exceptional image quality and reduced storage size.

Replicopy is an expert in the field of media conversion, preservation, production, and replication. Replicopy works on projects of all sizes from conception to completion, and can even handle fulfillment and distribution. Contact us today for more information about our tape conversion services.

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