Every now and then you see that old box or dusty shelf. You feel the guilt. The memories and heritage of all your old media are calling you. Your childhood, those old work parties, performances, the birth of your children, etc. all just sitting there, waiting to be viewed. They need some love and you can’t give it to them anymore. The film doesn’t work like the velveteen rabbit and it needs to be updated and taken care of and you know it.  That’s where film transferring comes in handy.

Film Transfers and Your Priceless Memories

So how to go about it? How do you win the day by sending or posting those valued treasures with everyone who will really enjoy them for what they are?

Maybe you have a friend or a relative that can help, but you never know how long that will take or if they will do it right. There are companies out there who offer to transfer your film yet too many companies ship your project out and you have no idea where they go and they could take months as well.

You need to safely transfer your old irreplaceable media to updated versions you can actually view and share with posterity.

What you need is Replicopy Digital Media Center handling your family memories like they were our own. We keep your media in our own capable hands. Our professional staff keeps your originals clean and well cared for and right where you left them.

In addition to this, most transfers are ready in the same week. We not only take multiple formats of the video but offer multiple formats so you can enjoy sharing tangible and digital copies as you request them.

Turn that guilt into pride when you trust Replicopy with your memories. We’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more!

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