If you’re like most people, you’ve come across a shoebox of old family photos or an album full of treasured pictures at one time or another. And you’ve probably told yourself you’ll do something with those pictures one of these days – before putting the box right back where you found it. Unfortunately, old photos will fade and discolor over time. Don’t let procrastination keep you from saving those precious memories. Here are three steps you can take now to preserve your important photos.

Three Easy Steps to Preserving Your Treasured Photos

Prioritize and select the most important photos to save. The idea of sorting boxes and albums full of photos may be daunting. Begin by gathering all your photos in one place, and then group them by importance. This might mean one pile of family and pet photos, another of friends’ photos, and another of scenic vacation shots. Or you can group them by age, with the most important being the black & white photos from your parents’ childhood that are already fading. Consider which photos are truly the most important to save. Then use a file folder or a large resealable bag to organize your high, medium and low priority groups of photos.

Scan your photos to a digital format. These days you have many options to choose from when scanning pictures. You can save them to a CD or DVD, making them easy to view on your computer or share with others. You can save them to a USB drive or an external hard drive, which will maximize your storage capacity while giving you easy access. Or you can save them directly to your computer. Whichever method you choose, always select the second method as a backup. If your computer crashes and you lose all your photos, you’ll be glad you made a backup to a DVD.

Share the joy! Now that you’ve unearthed pictures of your little brother in diapers chewing on the dog’s ear, or that old sepia-toned photo of your grandparents on their wedding day, why not share these special memories with family and friends? You can make copies of your photos on CD, DVD or USB drive and send them to others. A USB drive is especially useful if you or your family want to display these precious photos in a digital photo frame for all to enjoy.

If you’re ready to save your treasured photos, then contact Replicopy today. We take care of every step in the photo preservation process. We carefully scan your prints or negatives to a digital format, providing you with a permanent photo library. And we can create duplicates of your archived photos to save or share with others. Replicopy will help you bring your happiest memories of the past into the present.

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